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The Science of Stem Cell Storage


After Dr. Stern removes a patient’s Adipose Tissue either during a scheduled liposuction procedure, or as a separate minor procedure, American CryoStem‘s process prepares and cryopreserves the Adipose Derived Stem Cells in their raw form indefinitely without manipulation, bio-generation, or the addition of biomarkers or other materials making them suitable for use in regenerative medicine. With over 100 potential applications identified for Adult Stem Cell treatments, Dr. Stern and American CryoStem are helping advance your future healthcare opportunities.

Highest Quality Tissue Processing and Storage Services

American Cryostem‘s adipose tissue processing and storage services operate in strict conformity with:
FDA regulations
The PHS Act
Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP)
Current Good Tissue Practice (cGTP)

Multiple in-process quality management protocols including sterility and viability testing, enable the storage of the greatest number of viable stem cells and regenerative cells.
American CryoStem‘s processing methodologies ensure a complete proprietary chain of custody monitoring.

Courtesy of American CryoStem

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