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Introducing CelluSmooth™ (not cellulaze) at the Stern Center in Bellevue

What is CelluSmooth™?

You’ve probably heard of CelluLaze™.

Now, Dr. Fredric Stern and The Stern Center in Bellevue are proud to introduce CelluSmooth™ – the newest, hottest minimally invasive laser treatment targeting lumpy and dimpled skin.

Dr. Stern is among the first cosmetic surgeons in the United States to offer CelluSmooth™ this revolutionary new treatment to his patients at The Stern Center in Bellevue.

CelluSmooth™ provides:

  • Long lasting results,
  • Delivers results in as early as one month
  • Patients can return to every day activities almost immediately.

See for yourself in this video

CelluSmooth™ is fast and effective

The CelluSmooth™ procedure is a fast, effective and safe treatment utilizing a proprietary technology that allows the delivery of the correct laser wavelength in three distinct modes.  CelluSmooth’s technology enables Dr. Stern to treat the causes of lumpy and dimpled skin on the thighs, buttocks, stomach and other areas of the body during a very short and easy procedure.

“CelluSmooth™ produces amazing, long lasting results that equal or are better than other procedures in much less time. Maybe even one-half or one-third of the time,” says Dr. Dr. Fredric Stern. “This procedure results in a smoother appearance in troublesome areas such as the thighs and buttocks with minimal bruising and discomfort to our patients. As we were testing this procedure for Sciton (the laser manufacturer) we had extremely high patient satisfaction with the CelluSmooth™ treatment.”

What makes CelluSmooth™ unique?

CelluSmooth™ uses a laser wavelength which is optimized for treating

  • Fibrous bands beneath the skin which create dimples and valleys
  • Excess fat, forming bulging areas
  • The thin uneven skin that sits over the fat layer.

CelluSmooth before and after photos at The Stern Center in Bellevue

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