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Seattle Bellevue Laser Liposuction
The Stern Center Difference

In this video, Dr. Fredric Stern of the Stern Center in Bellevue, explains his uniqe and effective “three laser” liposuction procedure. Dr. Stern and his patients from Seattle, Bellevue and across the Pacific Northwest are more than impressed with the results of this unique laser liposuction method.

Laser Assisted Liposuction at the Stern Center Bellevue
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Video Transcript.
Dr. Fredric Stern:

“We actually use three different lasers when I do liposuction in our office. First we use the Zerona Laser™ which is an external cold laser which is painless, but begins to break down the fat cells. Then I use the internal ProLipo™ laser which is a fibre optic that goes through very small micro incisions which liquifies the fat cells and allows me to extract very liquified fat with minimal bleeding.

After the surgery is over, during the post operative visits, we then use the SkinTyte™ laser which further tightens the skin and we do that at least two times during the post op period, and I feel as though this combination of three lasers for the liposuction procedure really has given us an excellent result. Better than I’ve ever seen before.”

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