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I Wanted to share with you the first reaction to my ‘new’ face.  Just after my appointment on Wednesday to get stitches removed I stoppped at the dry cleaners.  I happen to know my dry cleaner fairly well since I’ve been such a regular, weekly customer for many years.  He greeted me and said how nice I looked, but was a bit puzzled as to why.  He asked if I’d done my hair differently, and I said not really, and he said, you just look really good today like you’re 10 years younger!”   Not bad for 8 days post surgery!! I’m sure you hear these stories all the time, but I had to share it with you.    Thanks to you all!

Aesthetic Skin Care Services
in Bellevue and Seattle

Because every face is unique, Dr. Stern believes that skin rejuvenation must be approached on an individual basis.

With our state-of-the-art VISIAComplexion Analysis computer, our medically supervised skin care program can be tailored to your skin’s particular needs.

The Stern Center in Bellevue offers patients from across the Northwest a wide assortment of Aesthetic Skin Care options to bring vitality and life back to their skin.

To Smooth, Hydrate and Restore Vitality

Aesthetic Skin Care services include peels, to improve skin texture and tone,  microdermabration to smooth and hydrate your skin, Blue Light (BBL) Photo Rejuvenation to remove brown spots, rosacea, or chronic redness and flushing of the face, neck, chest or hands, and so much more.

Facials, Deep Pore Cleansing, Anti Aging Rejuvenation for Women & Men

The Stern Center for Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgery in Bellevue also offers  a comprehensive menu of facials, including Hydrating, Deep Pore Cleansing, Rejuvenating Anti-Aging and Men’s Facials.

Permanent Cosmetics

Wake up beautiful and don’t give another thought to putting on eye makeup or lip liner.  With permanent cosmetics applied at The Stern Center that could be you!

Exclusive Skin Care Products

We also offer a variety of exclusive home care products designed to rejuvenate and enhance your skin’s health and beauty including Innovative Skincare, Jane Iredale, MD Forte, Obagi,  Vivite, and Yonka Paris.

We were one of the first medical offices in the area to offer the Clarisonic® Skin Care Brush, a revolutionary way to deeply cleanse your skin using sonic technology.

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