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I Wanted to share with you the first reaction to my ‘new’ face.  Just after my appointment on Wednesday to get stitches removed I stopped at the dry cleaners.  I happen to know my dry cleaner fairly well since I’ve been such a regular, weekly customer for many years.  He greeted me and said how nice I looked, but was a bit puzzled as to why.  He asked if I’d done my hair differently, and I said not really, and he said, you just look really good today like you’re 10 years younger!”   Not bad for 8 days post surgery!! I’m sure you hear these stories all the time, but I had to share it with you.    Thanks to you all!

Exclusive Skin Care Products
in Bellevue and Seattle

The Stern Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Bellevue offers a full array of Exclusive skin care products

At the Stern Center for Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgery in Bellevue, we offer a variety of exclusive skin care products designed to rejuvenate and enhance your skin’s health and beauty.

including SkinMedica® Innovative Skincare, Jane Iredale, MD Forte, Obagi, Vivite, and Yonka Paris.

SkinMedica®- The natural way to healthy, more youthful skin.


SkinMedica® chooses scientifically proven ingredients such as growth factors and other compounds to formulate advanced skin care products with antioxidants and retinoids that enhance the natural appearance of your skin by helping to prevent free radical damage.

Skin Creams derived from your own adult stem cells

New and revolutionary, and only at The Stern Center, a full line of Regenerative skin care products created expressly for you, with your own adult stem cells!

The latest innovative products
from Clarisonic

We also offer the latest innovative products from Clarisonic, including:

The Clarisonic Sonic Skin Cleansing System which removes 6x more makeup than manual cleaning, leaving skin feeling and looking smoother and,

The Clarisonic Opal Infusion System targeting fine lines, puffiness and dark circles by instantly hydrating, smoothing and brightening  the appearance of your eyes.

Clarisonic Skin Cleaning System & Clarisonic Opal Infusion System at the Stern Center in Bellevue

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