4 Things to Know Before Getting BOTOX® Cosmetic

Smiling middle aged woman after BOTOX Millions of people trust BOTOX® Cosmetic to help them look their best. Are you thinking about taking the plunge and trying this popular injectable treatment? Here are four things to know first.

1. It Matters Who Does Your Injections 

You may have seen individuals who look frozen or overdone after receiving BOTOX® Cosmetic. But it’s important to realize that their results say more about their injector than the product itself. 

BOTOX® Cosmetic is a technique-dependent treatment. It takes experience to deliver outcomes that look beautiful and maintain natural facial movement — all without skimping on safety. Our injections are administered by Dr. Fredric Stern or our skilled Nurse Injector, Karen Brooks who was personally trained by Dr. Stern. Dr. Stern has been performing BOTOX® Cosmetic and dermal filler treatments since 1994 and has been a National Instructor for Botox Cosmetic since 2002.

2. BOTOX® Cosmetic Isn’t Just for Visible Wrinkles 

BOTOX® Cosmetic is the gold standard treatment for smoothing pesky lines and wrinkles. However, it has many other uses that are not so well-known. For example, it can be administered long before the visible signs of aging appear to deliver preventative benefits.

Lately, BOTOX® Cosmetic has gained popularity for lip enhancement. Known as the BOTOX® lip flip, this technique makes lips look slightly larger by relaxing nearby muscles. It does not, however, add volume like injectable lip fillers. Nor will it create as dramatic results.

3. Downtime is Almost Nonexistent 

There’s no real downtime after BOTOX® Cosmetic. You can return to work or school right away. However, you may have to put certain elements of your daily routine — such as exercising, applying makeup, and bending or lying down — on hold for about 24 hours. We will provide instructions during your visit.

4. BOTOX® Plays Well With Other Aesthetic Treatments 

Patients tend to get BOTOX® Cosmetic as part of their comprehensive treatment plans. It’s often combined with dermal filler injections,  laser treatments including Forever Young BBL HeroHalo laser and other skin care services such as chemical peels or HydraFacial MD

We’ll gladly create a customized roadmap for achieving your goals at our practice. Know that these services may need to be performed during separate visits for optimal comfort and results. 

Learn More During a BOTOX® Consultation in Bellevue

Call 425-455-9100 today to schedule your initial BOTOX® Cosmetic consultation. Dr. Fredric Stern and his team gladly welcome patients from Bellevue, Seattle, and across the Northwest.

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