S-Lift Before & After Gallery

S-Lift Before & After Gallery

An S-lift is the latest facelift technique that can provide a natural looking lift and tightening to the lower face, jowls and neck, without creating the “wind-tunnel” look so many people fear will result from a traditional facelift. In addition, because the incisions are smaller and not as invasive as a traditional facelift, the surgery is generally considered safer, with less risk of scarring and quicker recovery.

With Dr. Fredric Stern, you’re in good hands

Whatever the procedure, in most cases, those aging, puffy, tired eyes disappear and you emerge refreshed with natural looking youthful vitality! As a board certified ophthalmologist, Dr. Fredric Stern has specialized in cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid surgery since 1987, and is one of the Puget Sound areas most experienced eyelid surgeons.



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