Winter is the Perfect Time for Liposuction

Side view full length of beautiful woman in black swimsuit One of the major concerns with any cosmetic procedure is timing. Planning around the recovery period is essential if you want to enjoy amazing aesthetic results with minimal disruption to your life. That’s why it’s no surprise that winter is a popular time to get liposuction.

At The Stern Center for Aesthetics, Dr. Fredric Stern has performed laser-assisted liposuction for over 16 years. For patients who want a big summer reveal, winter is the perfect time to schedule the procedure.

Cooler Temperatures Make Liposuction Recovery Easier

In addition to having plenty of time to heal before swimsuit season, you’ll benefit from cooler winter weather. It’s easier to keep post-operative swelling down in cool temperatures since your body won’t need to work as hard to dissipate heat.

Compression garments are also recommended to speed liposuction recovery. These are much more comfortable to wear when it’s cooler outside.

After holiday parties wrap up, most patients also find their social calendars are a little quieter in the winter. That makes the early months of the year the perfect time to take it easy after liposuction.

No One Needs to Know You Had Liposuction

While cosmetic procedures are increasingly common, some patients still prefer to keep their choice to get liposuction private. Scheduling your appointment for winter makes it easier to conceal your recovery. Bundling up in cozy sweaters and scarves allows you to go about your daily routine without feeling self-conscious. 

Scheduling liposuction in winter means you can feel confident wearing form-fitting clothing and sleeveless shirts by spring.

Schedule Your Winter Liposuction Appointment In Bellevue

Dr. Stern uses the Allura™ laser to perform liposuction on Seattle-area patients. This revolutionary device allows him to more finely sculpt your body and remove a more significant amount of fat than during a traditional liposuction procedure. The Allura laser also stimulates collagen production so you’ll notice more skin-tightening effects than conventional liposuction.

If you’re ready to get rid of stubborn fat and enjoy a more contoured physique, book a consultation at The Stern Center for Aesthetics in Bellevue, WA by calling 425-455-9100.

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