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Bellevue, WA, December 2, 2008 – The Stern Center for Aesthetic Surgery, PC, a Bellevue based practice focused on staying on the cutting edge of new laser cosmetic surgery advances announced their use of the new Erchonia Zerona™ laser as an alternative to surgical liposuction.

In 2004, Dr. Stern was the first cosmetic surgeon in the Puget Sound area to perform laser -assisted liposuction using the Erchonia™ low-level laser, resulting in greater fat removal, less post-op discomfort, less swelling, less bruising and quicker recovery than traditional liposuction techniques.

Dr. Fredric Stern is a Pioneer is Aesthetic Surgery

As a pioneer in laser liposuction techniques, Dr. Stern and The Stern Center are excited to be the first office in the Pacific Northwest to offer the latest advance in laser liposculpture using the new Zerona™ low-level laser as an alternative to surgical  liposuction.

Developed by Erchonia™, the industry leader in low level laser technology. The Zerona™ laser quickly and painlessly breaks down the fat cell membrane of the areas being treated, stimulating the body to rid itself of the excess fat. In a recent controlled study submitted by Erchonia™ Laser to the FDA, more than 80% of patients treated with the Zerona™ laser demonstrated a significant decrease in the circumference of their waist, hips or thighs justthree weeks after beginning treatments!

“Use of the Zerona™ laser offers our patients a tremendous alternative to surgical liposuction and will revolutionize the procedure, making liposculpture a truly quick, painless, and no down time cosmetic laser procedure.   We are excited to incorporate this new device into our practice,” states Dr. Stern.

Dr. Fredric A. Stern has been in practice since 1987, and established The Stern Center for Aesthetic Surgery, PC, in Bellevue in 1997. Erchonia was founded in 1996 and is dedicated to advancing the science of health through the development of superior bio-medical laser products.

To learn more about Dr. Stern and the Zerona™ laser, please visit: The Stern Center Laser Procedures.

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