FUE Hair Restoration Explained

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Surgical Hair Restoration Explained

Surgical Hair Restoration, also known as hair transplantation surgery, is a minor out-patient procedure. The procedure itself takes from 3 to 8 hours, and is performed using local anesthesia, often with oral or IV medications for sedation. While Dr. Stern’s patients are awake during the procedure, they feel extremely relaxed because of the sedative.

There is typically little if any discomfort during the procedure.

Follicular Unit Extraction

F-U-E, Follicular Unit Extraction, is a method of obtaining follicular units from the donor area using a very small tool to obtain tiny samples of tissue. Because only a small follicular unit is selected, the procedure is minimally invasive and virtually unnoticeable.


First, Dr. Stern chooses the follicular unit to remove. Then, he places the punch over the follicular unit and he makes a small circular incision approximately half way down the unit’s hair shafts. Finally, the unit is grasped and extracted from the surrounding skin. It’s as easy as that!

Dr. Stern uses the “SAFE System”


The Harris SAFE System is a new, proprietary treatment methodology that improves on the existing methodology for FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). It was created and patented by Dr. James Harris of Greenwood Village Colorado (just outside of Denver). Dr. Stern is currently the only surgeon in the Pacific Northwest offering this revolutionary technology to patients.

Benefits of the SAFE System

  • Minimally invasive
  • Virtually pain free
  • No visible scarring
  • Reduces healing time
  • Virtually 100% of patients are candidates
  • Less follicle damage

Why it works

The SAFE System allows Dr. Stern to perform precise follicular extraction without unnecessary follicular damage and the resulting loss that is associated with traditional FUE. It significantly increases the number of grafts being transplanted from approximately 300-400 per day to potentially over a thousand grafts in a single day.

For patients who lack any available hair on their scalp, the SAFE System allows Dr. Stern to harvest hairs from other body areas such as the chest, back or abdomen.

Because the quality of body hair is not as suited for transplant as scalp hair, its use is only recommended as a last resort. Dr. Stern will discuss the appropriate use of body hair with you during the consultation.

The SAFE System also enables Dr. Stern to isolate, excise and remove single follicular units with one to five hairs. Using a small, self-contained device called the Harris SAFE Scribe, Dr. Stern achieves precise follicular extraction without unnecessary dissection resulting in trauma to the hair follicles.

Those who benefit

Virtually 100% of candidates, including African Americans and patients with gray hair.

With Dr. Fredric Stern, you’re in good hands

“Patients can go anywhere—even the mall—for Botox and filler injection these days. If you’re going to spend your hard-earned money, I believe you deserve to have the best, most experienced person perform your injection. That’s why in our office; I do all of the injections myself.”

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