South Beach Peel™

South Beach Peel™ in Bellevue and Seattle

The South Beach Peel™ doubles the fight against fine lines, wrinkles and pigment issues such as age, sun damage and redness.

The South Beach Peel™ Procedure

The treatment combines BBL® Rejuvenation (Broadband Light), which is very effective in erasing sun damage, with the smoothing effects of the MicroLaserPeel® all in one treatment.

When administered separately, both the MicroLaserPeel® and the BBL® are extremely effective, but when combined can provide an even greater result with less downtime.

Who is a good condidate for the South Beach Peel™?

The South Beach Peel™ is an ideal combination of services for patients who want to target both wrinkles and deep pigment issues with only about three to five days of down time.

South Beach Peel™ Before and After

With Dr. Fredric Stern, you’re in good hands

Dr. Fredric A. Stern has been a Northwest leader in state- of- the- art cosmetic and laser treatments for over 20 years.



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