Using fat transfers to maintain youthful hands

The signs of aging are often associated with the facial skin, where skin laxity can occur and result in the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. However, did you know that your hands can also give away your true age? Hands naturally lose volume, and this volume loss can cause the hands to have an aged appearance—especially when compared to the volume loss that occurs in the face. To combat this, many adult men and women will visit with a dermatological specialist to find out about cosmetic treatments such as fat transfers. 

What is a fat transfer? 

A fat transfer is the process of harvesting fat from a patient’s body, processing it, and then reinjecting it where it is desired. This procedure, which may be referred to as autologous fat transplantation or microlipoinjection, adds volume where it is needed. The hands are a great place on the body to add volume as the body ages, but fat transfers may also be used on the face to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and folds that may also develop over the years due to aging. 

Why should I choose fat transfer for my aging hands? 

In some practices, patients may be advised to utilize dermal fillers to add volume to the hands. However, fat transfer is far superior for many reasons. Below are just a few of the reasons why patients choose fat transfer over dermal filler injections: 

  •         Results last several years, instead of several months.
  •         Results look natural-looking
  •         Patients will not have an allergic reaction as the fat is transferred from the patient’s own body
  •         Fat transfers can be performed in conjunction with other aesthetic services such as the treatment of facial wrinkles with the same sample

Are you interested in determining if fat transfers are appropriate for you? 

Turn back time on your aging hands today by calling The Stern Center for Aesthetic Surgery. Dr. Fredric Stern and his team are here to evaluate new and established patients and provide appropriate, affordable recommendations to them for fighting the signs of aging. Call (425) 455-9100 to request a visit at this Bellevue, WA area practice.

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