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Tighten and Firm the Skin Anywhere on Your Face, Neck, or Body With SkinTyte II™ Laser at The Stern Center in Bellevue

Are you tired of looking at sagging jowls, loose skin under your chin, or a soft tummy, but you’re not ready for surgery? SkinTyte II™ laser treatments may be the answer. As we age, our skin ages too, losing its natural collagen and elasticity. Skin laxity can occur anywhere on the body, but it’s especially common on the face, neck, abdomen, and arms.

Dr. Fredric Stern has helped countless patients combat loose skin with this non-invasive treatment at The Stern Center for Aesthetic Surgery. If sagging skin is one of your concerns, contact us at 425-455-9100 to find out if SkinTyte II™ is right for you.

How Does SkinTyte II™ Work?

The SkinTyte™ device utilizes advanced infrared light technology to deeply heat dermal collagen. This heat prompts your body’s natural healing process, which involves increased collagen production leading to firmer skin. The end result is a more youthful appearance.

What Does a SkinTyte II™ Treatment Feel Like?

During your SkinTyte II™ treatment, one of our providers will use the handheld device to pass over target areas. Most patients describe a slight warming sensation. However, a powerful cooling mechanism maintains the outer surface of your skin at a comfortable and safe temperature before, during, and after each laser pulse.

With no need for a topical anesthetic, the energy is delivered in rapid, gentle pulses to promote skin contraction and tightening. This leads to increased tissue firming with no pain or downtime.

Who Is a Good Candidate for SkinTyte II™?

The SkinTyte™ laser procedure is recommended for patients who desire noticeable skin improvement without surgery. SkinTyte II™ can effectively treat mild to moderate loose skin on the neck, jowls, chest, abdomen, arms, legs, or chest. Dr. Stern also utilizes the SkinTyte™ laser for our post-operative ALLURA™ liposuctionpatients to tighten the skin further and achieve optimal results.
If you have more severe skin laxity, a surgical procedure (like anS-lift faceliftfor the neck and jowls) might be required to get your desired results. Dr. Stern can give you a better idea of what outcome to expect from SkinTyte II™ treatments at your consultation.

How Many SkinTyte II™ Treatments Will I Need?

The number of SkinTyte II™ treatments you’ll need to see your desired results varies depending on how your body responds and the degree of skin laxity. Patients generally need five treatments spaced approximately three to four weeks apart.

When Will I See SkinTyte II™ Results?

Because SkinTyte II™ prompts your body to produce more collagen, results will build gradually. You can typically expect to see the final outcome at around four months once the collagen foundation of your skin is rebuilt and strengthened. The exact amount of time SkinTyte II™ results last varies from person to person, but patients usually see the full benefits for three months to a year. Maintenance treatments can help maintain your skin's elasticity.

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There’s no need to live with sagging just because you don’t want surgery. SkinTyte II™ is the perfect noninvasive way to tighten loose skin and feel like the best version of yourself. When you choose The Stern Center for Aesthetics in Bellevue, Washington, you can rest assured you’re in great hands. Dr. Stern has 20 years of experience and a passion for the most cutting-edge cosmetic advancements. He and his team of highly skilled providers love helping patients meet their aesthetic goals. Contact us at 425-455-9100 to book your consultation.

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