S-Lift Facelift

S-Lift Facelift in Bellevue and Seattle

Have time and gravity caused your lower face, jowls and neck to sag, creating an appearance that ages you beyond your years?

An S-lift facelift may be the answer for you!

How Does the S-Lift Facelift Differ from a Traditional Facelift?

An S-lift is the latest facelift technique that can provide a natural looking lift and tightening to the lower face, jowls and neck, without creating the “wind-tunnel” look so many people fear will result from a traditional facelift. In addition, because the incisions are smaller and not as invasive as a traditional facelift, the surgery is generally considered safer, with less risk of scarring and quicker recovery.

Facial and neck liposuction is performed, along with tightening of the facial muscles and skin. Further facial enhancement may be achieved by combining the S-lift with a chin implant, fat transfer, eyelid surgery, an endoscopic brow lift, or laser resurfacing for those patients with significant sun damage and wrinkled skin.

What is Recovery like After an S-Lift Facelift?

Most of our patients have mild swelling and bruising in the jowls and neck for about 10 days after an S-lift and often may return to work and normal daily activities at 14 days.

With Dr. Fredric Stern, you’re in good hands

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