The Secrets of Skin Analysis

skin analysis What if you could understand your skin better than ever? Instead of wondering about dry patches, dark spots, and persistent breakouts, you could personally understand your complexion and find the perfect treatments for your problem areas. It’s possible with the power of skin analysis.

Using digital technology, it’s possible to create detailed profiles of your skin, including its texture and type, to better understand why you experience certain issues and how to correct them.

What Can Skin Analysis Identify? 

We use 7th Generation VISIA™ Skin Analysis at our office in Bellevue, WA. This computer-based scanning tool allows us to tailor a skin care program to your specific needs by providing us with metrics to use as a framework for treatment.

One of the most noteworthy measurements is your TruSkin Age®, a revolutionary metric that reveals the condition of your skin based on your overall skin health and condition.

Using VISIA, we can get an in-depth analysis of your skin texture, including:

  • Dark spots caused by sun exposure, genetics, and other causes of hyperpigmentation.
  • Texture quality to determine optimal measures for improving skin smoothness.
  • UV spots caused by melanin coagulating beneath the epidermis.
  • Enlarged pores that may cause noticeable marks on the skin.
  • Porphyrins, bacteria excretions in the pores that can lead to acne.

Skin analysis reimagines skin care by creating the most personal framework for treatment. We create a digital map of your face in our office that specifically pinpoints the location, depth, and quality of different skin conditions you may wish to treat.

By having such a dynamic view of your skin, we can improve skin texture through more individualized recommendations for treatments and products.

Is The Procedure Painful?

No, not at all. You will feel nothing during the VISIA Skin Analysis. All you need to do is position your face on the scanner while the machine takes high-quality photos and digital images of your skin.

There are also zero side effects to worry about, so you can look forward to getting to know your skin better without any downtime or drawbacks.

Who Should Try VISIA Skin Analysis?

Anyone looking to better understand their skin can benefit from this service. If you are new to cosmetic treatments and wondering which procedures could be best for your face, then starting your journey with a skin analysis could be the best way to find the most effective treatment options for your aesthetic goals.

Please contact The Stern Center for Aesthetic Surgery to schedule a skin analysis in Washington. You can reach our Bellevue office at (425) 455-9100.

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