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FDA Approves Zerona ™ for Non-Surgical Liposculpture

A new non-surgical lipo-sculpting technique was approved by the FDA this week.  It’s the Zerona™ Low level laser, made by Erchonia, the leader in low level laser technology.

At the Stern Center, I have been using Erchonia low-level laser treatments in conjunction with our laser-assisted liposuction surgery since 2004.

Two years ago, we were the first office in Puget Sound to use the new Zerona™ low level laser for non-surgical liposculpture, and have more experience with this technique than anyone in the Puget Sound area.

In addition, we were one of only two sites in the U.S. to conduct FDA trials for Erchonia of their new laser treatment for cellulite. We completed this study in July, but the results have not yet been analyzed.

There are several important points to mention to prospective patients who might be interested in non-surgical Zerona™ laser treatments for fat contouring.   Zerona™ works best:

  • In people who are within 10-15 lbs of their ideal weight.
  • Optimal results can be achieved in those who are active and have a healthy diet.
  • People with diabetes or thyroid problems may not respond well to the treatments.

Six 40 minute treatment sessions are required over a two week period.   During this time, it is important to hydrate and abstain from alcohol, caffeine and fatty foods.

The Zerona™ laser is painless and there is no bruising or swelling.   It works by creating pores in your fat cells, causing the lipids to leak out of the cells and be carried away by your lymphatics, and are then excreted.  This results in shrinkage, but not permanent loss of your fat cells.

The area being treated will reduce in size, but if you eat fatty foods, stop exercising and gain significant weight, the results will be undone and the fat cells will fill back up.   In other words, the results can be significant but may not be permanent.

In our office, I have had patients lose up to 4 inches in their waistline after a two week treatment session.   This is very impressive for a non-surgical treatment.

Who is a good candidate for Zerona™ laser liposculpture?   Someone who is in good shape, wants to lose inches in a specific area without surgery or down time, and has realistic expectations.   It is not a magic bullet, but it is a reasonable alternative to liposuction surgery for the right person.

This treatment was covered on NBC and CBS on Tuesday, September 14. You can learn more by watching the videos below.

FDA Approves  Zerona ™ Low Level Laser for Non-Surgical Liposculpture covered on NBC's The Today ShowFDA Approves  Zerona ™ Low Level Laser for Non-Surgical Liposculpture covered on CBS The Early ShowFDA Approves  Zerona ™ Low Level Laser for Non-Surgical Liposculpture covered on Good Morning America on ABC

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