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ATGRAFT™ Autologous fat transfer (ATF) is an increasingly preferred procedure by patients looking for natural augmentation and correction procedures. Now, with the increased benefit of using your own stored adipose tissue as a natural biocompatible filler for procedures offered by Dr. Stern and the Stern Center, you may only need to have liposuction once, improving your recovery time and reducing additional procedure costs.

Use your own stored adipose tissue (fat tissue) as an injectable filler for hands, face and neck


Stern Center patients enjoy the ability to have their stored adipose tissue available after the initial procedure for continued augmentations to gain the desired result in procedures such as: volume corrections in the hands, face and neck by using their own stored adipose tissue.

Storing your adipose tissue for cosmetic enhancements provides you with many benefits not available during one-time fat grafting procedures. You can now have one liposuction and visit Dr. Stern and The Stern Center for multiple injections by using your stored tissue.

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