How BOTOX® Cosmetic Can Reduce the Effects of Aging

Photo,Of,Gentle,Girlish,Lady,Touch,Hand,Cheek,Silky,Pure Neuromodulator injectables have long been a safe and effective aesthetic treatment for smoother skin. One of the first and most popular treatments is a name you may be familiar with: BOTOX® Cosmetic.

But what is BOTOX Cosmetic, and what is it commonly used to treat? Who are candidates for BOTOX Cosmetic treatments, and how does it work? What can be expected when you choose BOTOX Cosmetic, and how long do treatments last? Here is a closer look.

What Is BOTOX Cosmetic?

BOTOX Cosmetic is an alternative to more invasive plastic surgery for smoothing the skin on and around the face. It is a prescription medicine made primarily of purified protein. Rather than altering your appearance, it tends to bring back your own natural beauty and a more youthful appearance by working to relax specific facial muscles that contribute to wrinkles.

What Is It Used For?

BOTOX Cosmetic is a simple treatment for reducing the signs of aging in the face. It has been a proven effective treatment for sagging eyebrows, creases and wrinkles in the face and forehead, crow’s feet, jawline, chin and neck.

How Does BOTOX Cosmetic Work?

BOTOX Cosmetic is administered into targeted facial expression muscles through quick and simple injections. Once injected, BOTOX Cosmetic blocks impulses to the targeted muscles, stopping activity that causes facial sagging, creases, and wrinkles.

BOTOX Cosmetic has been shown to be a safe and effective way to achieve a “brow lift” in some patients.

Who Are Candidates for BOTOX Cosmetic Treatments?

If you are wanting to address visible signs of aging on your forehead and other specific areas of your face, BOTOX Cosmetic may be your ideal procedure. It is also a popular option for those who would rather avoid a surgical procedure.

There is no recovery period with BOTOX Cosmetic, and results typically last four to six months or longer.

Many individuals also choose BOTOX Cosmetic to enhance their appearance in preparation for a wedding or other important social occasions where they want to look their best.

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