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Liposuction and Liposuction Alternatives in Bellevue and Seattle


You’ve made a decision…it’s time to do something dramatic about your appearance. You’ve been working out hard, eating all the right foods, and you’ve lost some weight. You look in the mirror in frustration.

But you’re not sure you are interested in liposuction body procedures. At the Stern Center for Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgery in Bellevue, we offer alternatives to traditional liposuction body procedures.

ProLipo PLUS™ Laser-Assisted Liposuction

Time and gravity have caused your neck to droop, creating a double chin and sagging jowls. Your stomach only flattens so much and your love handles just won’t budge any further– you’re at an impasse. Laser-assisted liposuction at the Stern Center with ProLipo PLUS™ may be the answer!

CelluSmooth™ Body Contouring

The CelluSmooth™ procedure is a fast, effective and safe treatment utilizing a proprietary technology that allows the delivery of the correct laser wavelength in three distinct modes.


Want to look your best in a hurry for that special event you’ve been anticipating? Not happy about the way you look in your favorite dress or suit for a class reunion? Zerona® Laser Liposculpture may be the answer!

SkinTyte™ Laser

Tired of looking at sagging jowls, loose skin under your chin or on your tummy, but not ready for surgery? Skin Tyte™ laser may be the answer. As we age, the skin ages too, losing its natural collagen and elasticity. Loose skin can occur anywhere on the body, but it is especially common in the face, neck, abdomen and arms.

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The Stern Center for aesthetic laser resurfacing surgery - Seattle, Bellevue, Washington

Press & Media

Dr. Fredric Stern discusses U-Autologous, the pioneering personalized stem cell skin care line he helped develop, with Jean Enerson from King 5 News Healthlink.


The Stern Center for aesthetic laser resurfacing surgery - Seattle, Bellevue, Washington

Advanced Laser Techniques

Dr. Fredric Stern has been a leader in state of the art cosmetic laser treatments for over 20 years. From the most advanced laser for tattoo removal to sutureless laser eyelid surgery and facial rejuvenation treatments, our goal is to enhance your appearance naturally with minimal downtime.


The Stern Center for aesthetic laser resurfacing surgery - Seattle, Bellevue, Washington

Joint Commission Certified

In 2001 The Stern Center was the first surgical practice in the Northwest to be accredited by the Joint Commission and continues to be certified under this high standard of accreditation today.


With Dr. Fredric Stern, you’re in good hands

Depending on the procedure, many of Dr. Stern’s patients are able to return to work and normal activities in days. All of our surgical procedures are performed in our Washington State Licensed, Joint Commission certified surgical facility where your safety and comfort are our paramount concerns. Call (425) 455-9100 today to schedule an appointment for a consultation.


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